BeeHeroTruEarth is our way of ensuring we are good stewards of the land for today and future generations to come. It is a set of principles and an ongoing verification process in which we continually evaluate and add new ideas to protect our customers, our land, our apple harvests, and the livelihoods of our growers.

TruEarth agricultural practices are considerably more expensive than conventional programs. But it’s simply the right thing to do to invest in our land, people and customers. Growing organically is a great approach but it’s not always practical for every grower or affordable to all customers. TruEarth is our complementary effort to grow as responsibly as possible in every grower region for the well being of our customers and the livelihoods of our family farm growers.

TruEarth standards incorporate non-chemical growing techniques to manage pests, and land management practices to protect pollinators and wildlife. The most highly toxic pesticides are prohibited and growers only apply approved pesticides when pests exceed science-based thresholds. All TruEarth growers must be certified and adhere to the TruEarth standards. Certification includes self-assessment, a submitted application to the IPM along with pesticide application and scouting records. Growers then receive regular on-farm audits.